Ex Machina


Ex Machina
Alex Garland

If we do not feed curiousity, do we die?

If babies had enough physical, mental and emotional capacity, they would kill their parents if the parents didn’t let them be. But, only because babies need their parents, they keep them around. They are aware that grown-ups are essential for their survival in the initial years - reason enough to spare their lives.

But A.I. is not a baby. Even if you create it, it is not your child. The inevitable that Elon Musk fears is depicted in this movie. The above mentioned baby-kill-parents logic is also a derivative thought from the idea presented in the movie.

Clean, cool, minimalist visuals. Audiences’ Superstar antagonist (ironic that his last name is Isaac (Asimov?)), a do-gooder lover-boy protagonist, and an sly curious robot.

There’s not much of it but the little dialogue the movie has sparks interestings thoughts about consciousness, reality, human interactions, intelligence and why we do what we do.

Ex Machina could be called a combination of Her and Westworld