Here and Now


Countless times I’ve caught myself feeling satisfied after having made plans for the immediate and the distant future. Meticulously trying to find the best possible path to the best possible place in the best possible time. Hours, days and many opinions later, the plan shifts shapes, metmorphosises, and becomes what it is now.

It changes. Is never complete.

Maybe the idea of a future is what drives people. Maybe, they like to think they are in control. That could be why how hard it is for people to let go and just BE.

You feel a sense of accomplishment because of what you perceive is praise-worthy. It is an acquired scale of measurement. You do something and you get a response. The position of the response on the scale decides your next actions. While having a well-informed external source(s) of response is vital, one must also have their own scale of measurement. You do not want to rely on external entities and their opinions to gauge your actions’ worthiness. This is where most people fail. This is where Dexter failed too.


The ability to look at yourself, objectively, without your biases and your emotions is a wonderful thing to have.

If you link your happiness to being at a certain place, you won’t ever be.

Getting that job. Going to that trip. Being with that person.

If you can feel content in solitude, you get it. You share it with people and spread that happiness. You give more than you take. You share.

You could be anywhere, anyone and not constantly wonder where or who you are and what you will be.

And what you will be…