Vishal Bhardwaj

Everyone has two sides to them - One is Love (loved ones and/or for family) and the other is ambition (money and/or power). This is a story about someone who, somehow, finds a balance between the two and manages to get all of the above.

Everyone who chooses Money over family dies - which is everyone except Guddu and Sweety. Everyone else dies because they chose the wrong side of Yin and Yang. Well, everyone except our boy-with-the-blinders Charlie. He manages to balance money and family. He unlearns to let his greedy side be his dominant side and becomes a changed man with the same dreams, but a little less greed (last part inconclusive).

Jack Black makes an appearance as Charlie and Guddu’s father, but not really! Kaminey

Ollie fucks it up for Bhope Bhau. Thanks Ollie!