Magic Mike


Magic Mike
Steven Soderbergh

It could’ve easily been a sucker for commercial success- by being a bro-ey, comedy like 21 Jump Street, Baywatch etc. but it strived to be divulge some meaning out there.

Magic Mike depicts the nuances of adult life - the seemingly always at peak but fading fun, the hardships one faces when trying to materialize their dream, yearning for real human connect, dispensability of every employee, and how everything is business and nothing is personal.

Prior to the first strip club scene, there is a heavy art-film vibe - the little to no background music, a yellow tint on all the outdoor days scenes contributes to that.

This could very well be a Superhero movie. One that the world needs. The protagonist, Mike, played by Channing Tatum, is good-hearted, ambitious, fun-loving, a little restless, caring and an epic dancer. He is skilled and works hard. He takes initiative and is an organized and practical person. As the movie progresses, Mike undertakes an apprentice, trains him in his craft, witnesses him enjoying while self-destructing himself in the new lifestyle, and realizes that it’s time for him to move on. The apprentice replacing Mike also shows how life is a circle and business (Matthew McConaughey) takes exactly 2 seconds to replace you. This is a great movie for the youth - a sensible baller quitting his job and taking the initiative to sort things out in his personal life, be helpful and always smile.