This is uncalled for


A conversation between two voices

I feel obligated to state this…

Just say it.

It’s not… That’s not how… You don’t get to do this. It’s not your place. Your opinions are your own. And they don’t deserve a pedestal.

I know.

So it’s never gonna work. You’ll be here all alone, pouring your thoughts away, thinking hoping bemoaning how this never became a thing. I’m telling you right now, it won’t. Ever.

I’m okay with that.

Did someone put you to it? Is that what you think is required of you? Aren’t there better things to do? Is this worth your time?

See, I’m doing this so that I can look back. Rather than relying on memory, which is fickle and easily contorted, I want to have personal anecdotes to take me down the memory lane. Right now, if I try to recall what went on in my mind when I was 16, I draw a blank. I don’t want it to be this way. It’s as if I’m overwriting older memories with newer ones.

It goes without saying that the subject’s personal written account of events always helps in making the artificial brain feel more like the subject’s real brain. Being conscious forever (albeit artificially) is a great incentive to maintain a blog. So there’s that.